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¿Qué es una bisagra de gabinete suave y cerrada?

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Cierre suave hinges, on the hand, have hydraulics built into them so when you close the cabinet door, the hydraulics take over and ease the door closed silently. ... Most hinges that are soft-closing are also self-closing, but not all self-closing hinges are soft-closing as the \"thump\" sound demonstrates.

l  Soft-Close Standard Long Arm European Hinges

l  Soft-Close Compact Hinges

Suave close would be that the door gets about 2\" away from closing, and then slows itself to softly close.

Las ventajas of soft close hinges are more than prolonging your cabinets' useful la vida. Installing soft close hinges provides you and your family with much-needed peace and quiet. When closing your cabinet's door, it will slide silently and will not disturb you with a violent sound.