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Cómo elegir el sello adecuado para la puerta de la ducha

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A shower door seal is an essential component of your bathroom that keeps water in and ensures humidity levels remain low. Choosing the right shower door seal can be challenging. Here are some factors to consider before selecting a shower door seal.


When it comes to shower door seals, there are several options available, depending on your personal preference and budget. Common materials include PVC plastic, rubber, silicone, and vinyl. PVC and vinyl shower door seals are inexpensive and easy to install, but they may not be the most durable. Silicone is more expensive but more durable and resistant to mildew and mold.


The size of your shower door seal is another essential factor to consider. A shower door seal needs to fit correctly to be effective. Once you've measured the gap between your shower door and the adjacent surface, you can choose a seal of the appropriate size.


There are two types of shower door seals - bottom seals and side seals. A bottom seal prevents water from escaping at the base of your shower door. Meanwhile, a side seal helps prevent water from escaping along the sides of your shower door. The type of seal you choose will depend on your specific needs.

Ease of Installation

Installing a shower door seal should not be difficult. If you're looking to install the seal yourself, opt for one that comes with instructions and that you can install without professional help. For ease of installation, choose a seal that comes with pre-applied adhesive.


Quality matters when it comes to shower door seals. Cheap seals may not provide the proper seal, which may lead to leaks and other problems. Consider choosing a quality shower door seal that can withstand prolonged exposure to water and humidity.

Magnetic Strip For Shower Door

Magnetic strip for shower door are co-extruded magnetic shower door seal strips for 90, 135 or 180 degree glass-to-glass door closure applications to prevent water escaping. The seals are made of translucent PVC with black or white magnet profiles. Working in pairs for straight or curved shower doors, the seals simply push into the edge of shower doors. Fit square, sliding, corner entry type shower enclosures and will accommodate different glass thickness.


A shower door seal is an essential component of your bathroom that helps keep water from leaking out and causing damage. When choosing a shower door seal, consider factors such as the material, size, type, ease of installation and quality. With a bit of research, you can choose the right shower door seal for your bathroom.