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Diferentes tipos de bisagras para muebles

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When it comes to furniture cabinet hinge technology, there are several different types of products that are available. Self-closing cabinet hinges are a popular choice, as they can be programmed to gradually close the door at the desired speed. These hinges are perfect for those who want their cabinet doors to close without slamming, as the gentle closing action prevents damage to the contents or to the door itself. There are also adjustable cabinet hinges, which are ideal for those who want to customize the tension of the door. Additionally, there are traditional cabinet hinges that come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the application and the desired style.

Types of Cabinet Hinges

Furniture cabinets typically come with a variety of hinge types, allowing homeowners to customize the look and feel of their furniture to best suit their tastes and needs. The type of hinge used is often dictated by the types of doors or drawers being opened and closed as well as the level of security required. Generally speaking, there are five different types of furniture cabinet hinges to choose from.

1. Euro-Hinges

Common for contemporary cabinets and cupboards, euro-hinges are designed to fit into a recessed cup in the backing of the units. Because of this, installation requires precision and is likely to involve some minor carpentry work. Euro-hinges are hidden from view when doors or drawers are closed and feature ease-of-use with a variety of adjustments.

2. Self-Closing Cabinet Hinges

As the name suggests, this type of hinge is self-closing, making it a great choice for heavy units that wouldn’t close on their own if opened beyond a certain degree. Available in almost all different types of hinge constructions, self-closing cabinet hinges also feature adjustable friction to determine the speed of the closure.

3. Surface Mount Hinges

Surface mount hinges are probably the most common type of hinge, and are usually found in smaller cabinets and drawers. This type of hinge is attached with screws to the frame around the cabinet door and drawers, with its surface plainly visible when the cabinet is open. When closed, it holds its shape firmly for added security.

4. Concealed Hinges

Ideal for use in contemporary furniture, concealed hinges are designed to be hidden from view, creating a seamless and clean look. This type of hinge is common in kitchens, cabinets, and cupboards as they are extremely reliable and offer a wide degree of opening and adjustments. Installation involves drilling and attaching a metal plate to the door or drawer, with a separate plate attached to the unit’s frame.

No matter what type of hinge is used, all furniture cabinets should be installed properly to ensure long-term stability. Quality hinges are the key to a secure cabinet and the ability to adjust them is essential for maximum usability and flexibility. No matter which type of hinge is chosen, the right hinge can ultimately help make a difference to the look, feel, and comfort of any furniture.

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